Advocacy Training isn't always the first thought when developing a new business proposal or preparing a strategic approach to achieve a client's public affairs goals. But it should be. If your clients aren't already training and mobilizing their own people, they are missing an invaluable opportunity, and a great asset.

Client Applications

Once you and your client establish your goals, Advocate Boot Camp™ will develop a customized program to train your clients' employees, supporters, and stakeholders to effectively engage in grassroots advocacy.

  • Corporations and Consumer-Focused Campaigns
    - Promote new product offerings
    - Mobilize support for mergers and acquisitions
    - Overcome crisis communications and litigation situations
  • Industry Associations
    - Inform and mobilize membership
    - Engage and recruit trade show attendees
    - Advocate for industry public policy objectives
  • Foreign Governments
    - Build community advocates
    - Support multi-national corporations
    - Enhance U.S.-foreign government relations
  • Public Affairs
    - Influence public policy
    - Promote favorable regulatory and legislative activity

We work directly with you to develop effective talking points and strategic messaging for your clients that will serve as the foundation for each training session. In addition, senior executives representing your client may participate as guest speakers, giving them direct “face time” with trained advocates.

Why Advocate Boot Camp™?

Advocate Boot Camp™ is an offering of Wise Public Affairs that can be branded to your firm, as if it were your firm's offering. This allows you to provide effective grassroots advocacy training for your clients as part of a more comprehensive public affairs/advocacy program. Because of its scalable nature and near universal application, this program can be effective for corporate, industry association, nonprofit, government, and public affairs clients.

  • Create “buzz” around a new product
    or initiative
  • Overcome industry image or corporate brand issues
  • Promote industry achievements
    and activities
  • Mobilize support for mergers
    and acquisitions
  • Influence and advocate for public policy objectives

Customized Branding

Advocate Boot Camp™ is a stand-alone program offered by Wise Public Affairs, but may be branded for your firm. We offer two options for resale of this package:

  1. Pre-packaged program with the Advocate Boot Camp™ branding
  2. Fully customized collateral branding using both your firm's name and a custom program name to promote your client's brand