Our Process

Before the Training
Trainings are developed to instruct up to 500 advocates per training in effective advocacy methods. We start by scheduling strategy sessions with each client to develop talking points and establish training objectives. These talking points are used throughout the training as the basic messaging to implement the strategies they learn. The objectives are used to assess the success of the program following the training.

We then plan and coordinate a customized training program designed to achieve your goals, accomplish your objectives, and prepare your people to be ready to mobilize on any initiative.

Training Day
Each one-day session includes a half-day of seminar training, followed by interactive breakout sessions with advocacy experts designed to help participants put into practice skills learned earlier in the day.

Introductory Breakfast

Morning Session

Training Seminars by subject matter experts in Peer-to-Peer Advocacy, Social and Traditional Media Advocacy, Opposition Advocacy, and Government Advocacy.

Lunch with Keynote Speaker

Afternoon Session

Breakout workshops with interactive, hands-on modules to further develop skills in each area of advocacy, Advocate Certification/ Assessment

Ongoing Support
Following each training session, Advocate Boot Camp™ maintains relationships with our clients and their certified advocates to ensure they are always equipped to engage when opportunities arise. A custom microsite is developed to provide a secure way for advocates to access information and tools from the training, as well as ongoing support from Advocate Boot Camp™ staff.

In addition, certified advocates can be given tips on how to deploy the skills they learned through the training, up-to-date talking points (developed in collaboration with each client), information on advocacy and engagement opportunities, and regular news updates.