You have big plans for your company, but you need someone to bring your message to the masses.

  • Influence public policy
  • Create “buzz” around a new product
    or initiative
  • Grease the wheels for a major merger
  • Overcome image problems and
    crisis situations

Achieve Your Goals
When traditional PR approaches have not been effective, Advocate Boot Camp™ is the solution. After completing the one-day training program, your employees will have the tools to influence public opinion and affect public policy.

We work directly with you to develop effective strategic messaging that serves as the foundation for each training session. In addition, senior executives from your company may be invited to participate as guest speakers, giving them direct “face time” with trained advocates.

Trainings may be held for 5-500 employees at a time, and can be scheduled in multiple locations over an extended period in order to mobilize your entire workforce with advocacy techniques that will continue to add value for years following the training.

Why Advocate Boot Camp™?

Advocate Boot Camp™ is a service offering of Wise Public Affairs that can be custom-branded to your company, providing effective grassroots advocacy training for your employees and stakeholders. Because of its scalable nature and near universal application, this program can be effective for the smallest startup to the largest international corporation, and everything in between.

Customized Branding

Advocate Boot Camp™ is a stand-alone program offered by Wise Public Affairs. We offer two options for branding of this package:

  1. Pre-packaged program with the Advocate Boot Camp™ branding
  2. Fully customized collateral branding using both your company’s name and a custom program name to promote your brand, including a custom branded advocacy microsite