Looking to add value to attendance at your trade show? Advocate Boot Camp™ is a unique advocacy training program that will equip and enable trade show attendees to become your industry's most valuable asset.

  • Mobilize attendees to become
    industry advocates
  • Develop advocates to support public policy and industry initiatives
  • Educate advocates on industry information and how to share it
  • Activate industry members to combat public image issues

Achieve Your Goals
If you want to mobilize advocates for the benefit of your industry and maximize the effectiveness of your biggest supporters, Advocate Boot Camp™ is the solution. After the one-day training program, your industry partners will have the tools to influence public opinion, affect public policy, and advocate for the industry at large.

Trade shows provide a unique opportunity to have thousands of industry stakeholders participate in grassroots advocacy training within a short period of time. Multiple trainings can take place over 1-4 days, and attendance can be first-come first-served the day of the event or included in pre-registration as part of a premium trade show package.

We work directly with you to develop effective talking points and strategic messaging that serve as the foundation for each training session. In addition, senior executives from your association or member companies may participate as guest speakers, giving them direct “face time” with trained advocates.

Why Advocate Boot Camp™?

Advocate Boot Camp™ is an offering of Wise Public Affairs that can be custom branded to your association or trade show, providing effective grassroots advocacy training for your members and participants. Because of its scalable nature and near universal application, this program can be effective for the smallest regional gatherings to the largest international trade shows, and everything in between.

Customized Branding

Advocate Boot Camp™ is a stand-alone program offered by Wise Public Affairs. We offer two options for branding of this package:

  1. Pre-packaged program with the Advocate Boot Camp™ branding
  2. Fully customized collateral branding using both your association's name and a custom program name to promote your industry brand, including a secure, custom-branded advocacy microsite to deliver industry information and strategic messaging to certified advocates following the training.